When Things Get Bad…again…

“I just wanna throw my phone away/Find out who is really there for me…”

– Part Of Me, Katy Perry

When things get bad again there is nothing I’d rather be than normal.

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Stars and Constellations

“So now, to the one/With the never ending/And invisible scars/Look up, look up/The stars!” – The Stars, Patrick Wolf

There are a lot of scary things in life. For me, anyway. Somedays I find answering messages scary, other days it’s leaving the house. Somedays I jump at the sound of doors opening and closing, other days I can stay perfectly still while watching a horror movie. I find it hard to distinguish the good days from the bad days most of the time. On paper, my day could seem amazing while the voice in my head tells me something completely different – I guess that’s depression for you.

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